Counselling for Teenagers in Wicklow

Counselling for young people can be a very powerful learning process and useful for many teenagers who may be struggling. You may be reading this as a young person or you may be a parent worried about someone you know. You may be judging yourself harshly for feelings of being overwhelmed or confused. Life throws many curveballs at us and seeking support in a counselling relationship does not mean you are weak or lacking someone. Nor does it mean you are ‘going mad’ in some way.
Reaching out to talk to someone is an act of profound courage. Many normal people seek support at different stages of their lives and the safe, supportive, confidential environment of a counselling space can be very powerful in helping us to process these hurdles.
Young people must handle major, physical, social and emotional changes in their lives. They may also struggle with some of the key questions of identity formation: who am I? where do I fit in? How do I handle the pressures I am feeling? Even with a loving supportive family, it can be difficult to talk honestly to those we are closest to. We may protect others from our truth, our reality.
Peer support is critical in our teenage years and if we feel we have lost this or our friends do not meet our expectations it can lead to strong feelings of social isolation and loneliness. If you have experienced parental separation or divorce or bereavement during your teenage years this change can create major adjustment problems. Parental consent must be given. Counselling can help you to become your best self and let go that which no longer serves you.