How Does Counselling & Psychotherapy Work?

how does counselling & physcotherapy work?How Does Counselling & Psychotherapy Work?

Most of us struggle at some stage of our lives; especially at times of transition and change. Counselling is a confidential process where a counsellor offers you a regular space to explore your thoughts, feelings, struggles and hopes in life. There is a myth that attending counselling is a sign of weakness, that ‘strong’ people maintain a stiff lip and get on with things. Seeking support for difficulties is a sign of courage rather than weakness. Problems that are not dealt with, do not go away. Over time, they can mount up and cause a major crisis.

Taking the First Step

The decision to pick up the phone is often the most difficult step. I endeavour in my practice to offer a compassionate and non-judgemental space where you can feel safe to explore personal struggles. Over time counselling can help us to develop self-awareness,self-compassion, confidence and better-coping skills.

The first meeting is usually spent discussing your needs and expectations. . Phone or video counselling  appointments are available at the moment. if remote sessions are not suitable for you i signpost appropriate alternatives.

“To judge a person by their weakest attribute is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave……..” ¬†Elvis Presley

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