You may be reading this as a young person or you may be an adult concerned about a teenager you know. Most of us could do with a helping hand at times. Adolescence is a time when we have to handle major physical, social and emotional changes in our lives as well as struggling with some of the key questions of identity formation. Who am I? Where do I fit in? How do I handle the pressures I am feeling? It may be difficult to talk to those around us.

Parental separation causes major change for everyone in the family. If you have lost someone you loved, experienced illness during your teenage years or moved country, all these transitions may be challenging.  Speaking with a counsellor can help with

    • Anxiety/Phobias
    • Problems with Body Image
    • Low self-confidence
    • Bullying
    • Depression
    • Eating Disorders
    • Social Isolation
    • Sexuality
    • Self-harm

A parental consent form must be signed and the counsellor will meet with both parent and the young person at the initial appointment. The first session offers you an opportunity to ask questions and to decide if you would be comfortable working with me.