Tips for Dealing with Anxiety Exam Stress

Anxiety is a normal part of life and can motivate us to work but if it feels overwhelming it will cause problems and can be counter-productive.

Controlling anxiety is possible with some practical coping strategies;

Become Aware of a racing/busy mind and noticing anxiety symptoms. We cannot change what we do not notice.

Practice Breathing: When we […]

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Why self-care matters?

Practicing Self-Care-an essential not a luxury

Anxiety is a normal response to some life events like doing exams or a job interview. Learning some positive coping skills and practicing self-care in positive ways on a daily and weekly basis will keep anxiety in a manageable way. It is easy when we are busy to lose […]

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Tips for being Assertive

Do you find it difficult to speak up at a teacher-parent meeting?
Do you find it difficult to prioritise your own needs in your relationships? Do you find yourself going along with others to avoid rocking the boat? Do you have a fear of conflict? Are you known as the ‘nice’ one at work who […]

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